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इंटरनेट क्रांति कहानी का सारांश अँग्रेजी में लिखें।

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Internet – Revolution Summary in English:

Modern age is an age of internet. Internet revolution has influenced all the people in the world. The importance of internet has become very popular in the modern age. The use of internet has been discussed between father and son and also teacher and students. Their discussion gives us an idea about computer and internet. Many computers establish an internet. It has become as necessity as food and water to human beings.

In olden days, people used to write letters and used a telephone to convey a message to their relatives. This system was taking much time. But now, an internet conveys the message in a few seconds, in an economic way.

Through internet, we may purchase many things and pay the bills and banking transactions. It saves us time. We need not stand in a queue. Even the video conference helps us in discussing important subjects sitting in the office. We may meet many people at a time to discuss anything. The internet has created many employment opportunities. As a result of this economic condition of the people improved a lot.

Social networking is a revolutionary achievement. Facebook, twitter, linked-in, etc. are developed much through internet. We may study the life, dress and food habits of the people of other nations through the internet.

There is an E-governess system through internet. This system helps to know all government orders clearly. In this way, the internet is a boon to the modern people. It has occupied medicine, science and education fields. In addition to the advantages. There are many disadvantages also. Banking deceit and thefts are becoming more and more through internet. **** misuse the internet. So we should be careful about this system.